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Is there a Thermal Expansion equivalent of a splitter cable?

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I'll second TheProlo's suggestion. Put a pressure plate in front of your access points and run the redstone current to your energy cell. set the cell to emit on high. This way anytime you step up to your terminal it is powered on and when you step away it'll turn off.

Only problem with this setup is the inability to fully automate tasks. But it's great for the beginning when you don't have a sustainable power supply.

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Try applying redstone power to a Redstone Energy Cell. It's slightly more expensive, but it has its own internal buffer :P

That's what I thought at first too, but it feels wasteful to have a full box of 600kMJ sitting there just to feed a magic chest.

Not sure i understand the question correctly, but have you looked in to ME Dark Cable? Put a lever to power the cable and it will turn off. Can use it to shut off parts of your network to save power.

That sounds like what I was looking for. Thanks!

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