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[1.0.13] TI VoLTZ v1 [PVP/PVE][10 SLOTS] [WHITELIST]


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  • 4 weeks later...

Age 18

Fun Griefing: never really grief anybody but i guess my version would be engaging in a war with someone not just blow them up one day i would really like to join the server and be a part of the tigamer server

Reason for wanting to join: Me and a friend are looking for a server to settle down and a nice whitelist server seems like the best place to do it i would understand if you dont accept us but i would like to contribute to the server and have fun with the people in it

My Mc name : x7ACEx

My friend :EthanKeller

we are both 18 and would like to join :)

Thank you


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Age 11 no im not a little kid running around screaming

Fun greifing dont just walk into there base and take all there stuff while there offline have some fun shoot missiles at each other enjoy yourself

Looking for a server with nice people to have an alll out kick ass war

Minecraft name: axelstar7a

Just call me Axel : )

I really would like to join Thank you!

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– Age: 13, but I will put it out there to never judge a book by its cover.

– Explain your meaning of fun griefing: Why lure a creeper by one's base like a sissy? I say if you can nuke it, NUKE IT!

– Why do you wanna join? I really want a small, fun and competitive server where I can launch missiles freely. I live in Hawaii, USA, and my IGN is dialgadude20


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-Age: 14

-Explain your meaning of fun griefing: You should make sure that the enemy is aware that you are going to war with them and they are ok with it. There should be little collateral damage such as ruining landscape for people who are not involved in the conflict and the purpose should not be to ruin their day.

-Why do you wanna join? I want to play Voltz with people to compete with rather than getting bored playing singleplayer.

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Age: 12

-Fun Griefing: Griefing is not fun unless both sides consent to it. The term itself is redundant and self-contradicting.

-Why do you want to join:
I hate the scummy servers inhabited by sleezy losers who like to raid people and cheat in order to kill them. When the staff actually vanish while raiding a base, it's just sick. I really want to join a nice clean server. I have skype.


Minecraft IGN: waterlubber


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Age: 11 -- Yes, I know I'm a little young, but mature.


What is my idea of fun griefing? 1: Making sure that the other person/ people have struck you before, or wont rage at whatever you have done. 2: Missiles are nice, but I honestly enjoy to rip the place to bits, leaving fragments of whatever was left behind for them to see. If they strike back? Basic etiquette.


Why do I want to join? I like white-listed servers because of the nice people, and the occasional fun pranks and wars. In public servers, its not as much like that. People grief constantly and raid whatever they see on public servers, and all there is left is rubble of the once "houses". I would like to get away from that mess and onto a clean, happy server, with explosions every once and a while.


IGN: ConShMan


Hope you consider this post,


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– Age:19
– Explain your meaning of fun griefing:Fun griefing is where you engage with the person during a war. Rather than just finding a base and blowing them to kingdom come, you wait untill they are on. Perhaps even keeping the war to basic missles. I prefer a game where people get along even after they lose their hard work.

– Why do you wanna join:I like the idea of closeknit servers, large chaos servers are a pain. I want a server I can enjoy with good people. The bonus is I also have a love for technology and computers.



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