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Moon buggy


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Little moon buggy! In the sand. A little blue moon buggy! In my hand...

Bwaa, ba da ba ba baahh! Ba da ba ba bah! Ba da buh ba dah!

1 million Tekkit dollars to anyone who gets the reference. I suspect the OP is too young.

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Get Back On Track DEUCH BAGS

Your answer is you need to get 9 buggy fueling stations they look like rocket launch pads and set them up like you would a rocket launch pad and put the buggy in the middle of the square of buggy fueling pads then put a fuel loader next to it and fuel it like you would a rocket. :)

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Deutsch bag? I am not ze German, ya?

Try not to take yourself so seriously and if you are going to insult someone, take a couple extra seconds and spell the insult correctly. The word you are looking for is douche, as in "don't be such a douche nozzle, SwagStep".

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