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No verification e-mail


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I was recently working on one of my modpacks when I notice a message at the top of the page saying that I haven't verified my account. This confused me, as I had already done so, so I just ignored it. When I went to create a new pack it said that I had to verify my account first and so on, so I clicked the re-send e-mail button. Nothing in my inbox. I tried a few more times and still nothing. All that happens is "We have sent another verification email to [my e-mail]. Please check it to verify your account."

It's been about a day since I last clicked the send e-mail button, with still no results. Please help. If this is in the wrong section do tell me and I'll relocate it.


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In my e-mail I have Inbox, Junk, Drafts, Sent, and Deleted, no "all mail" though. Also, it appears it was logged in as my brother's account so I can in fact access the modpacks, but no e-mail was sent to the address, which uses the same folders as mine.

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I use hotmail too but I rarely ever use their site- I use Windows Live Mail instead to check my emails and I that does have an all emails tab

although on the inbox I think there is a view button which filters what you see, you might have that set on the wrong thing

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