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Big Dig using more RAM than allocated

Stone Rhino

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I'm starting to think java 1.7_21 has a horrible memory leak. I can play for about 30 minutes creative, or 1 hour in survival mining until RAM usage exceeds the imposed limit and CPU usage spikes to 100% on all 8 cores. The client will stop functioning until MC flushes its cache and everything's great for 30 seconds. Then I glitch into a wall, suffocate and die. This is happening for multiple users on my server.

I open task manager and perfmon and can clearly see the swapfile is heavily active. Also I can see java.exe pulling far more than I tell it.

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Uninstall Java completely, reboot PC, Install Java 7 u25 64bit, reboot again. That fixed it for me. Java seems to be quite a bitch when updating and seems to forget some of its files.

Otherwise try TBD 1.3.13, personally I think its more stable than 1.3.9.

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