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Pipes, pipes everywhere


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As per topic, I am currently using pipes since Redpower2 is not into the new tekkit.

Yet by reading around I found there are other options but couldn't figure out the proper "conversion".

What can be used in the new tekkit to make better "smart" piping?

And what's the difference?

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For reference in case anyone else looks at this thread.

The information I got, moving from tekkit classic to tekkit main and checking the wikis.

I know it's "easy" to look at the wiki, but considering the amount of new stuff I imagine a quick reference can be useful (at least it would've saved me some time).

Buildcraft pipes are still there so nothing new about it.

Other options if you don't like buildcraft pipes are:

Power -> http://wiki.technicpack.net/Redstone_Energy_Conduit

Main difference between the two is that the conduit doesn't lose as much energy as pipes.

It will lose 5% regardless of distance whereas Pipes lose 5% (stone) per block or 0.5% (gold)

Materials -> Use applied energetics ME network. It seems there's no "low-cost" option (redpower2 pneumatic tubes).

I will need to try this, I guess it's possible to have a ME wireless link near the <whatever thing you want to get stuff from> and treat a http://wiki.technicpack.net/ME_Basic_Export_Bus as a chest, I'll update this post when I test this out.

So basically an ME network acts as a centralized enormous chest.

Liquids -> http://wiki.technicpack.net/Liquiduct

Some info is also available here:


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The ME network is, indeed, an endgame storage alternative. It is a bit too pricey in terms of materials and energy to use early/mid-game. However, it is much more than just item storage and transport. I suggest you look at Direwolf's spotlight to learn the true potential of the mod.

As for early-game item transport, you can use MFR conveyor belts. They are not as flexible (for instance, they cannot transport items vertically upwards, only at a slope), but are still pretty cool.

Also, if I remember correctly, the new release candidate for Tekkit (1.1.5 I believe) includes Logistics Pipes, which are the mid-game smart routing system you might be looking for.

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I don't like the idea of using logistic pipes, then dismantle everything and setup ME all over again. I'll check them out (I am already on 1.1.5) but will try and focus on ME.

At the moment the main problem I have is that I need energy for whatever I want to setup, and sorting the biofuel plant is taking a bit of resources and a lot of time :P

Thanks anyway :)

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If you're anything like me you'll end up using a combination of both so it's worth getting to know the pros and cons of both. To be honest I generally go through 2 or 3 iterations of any build before I'm happy with it. In fact my mob spawner/grinder is verging on version 4!

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Ok, I've been able to work around it and found a solution for pretty much everything.

The only problem left with the ME network is that I cannot "sort" things to destroy them (the only way I found to do that is to output them to a chest and then a void pipe with a redstone engine as the ME condenser is not in tekkit yet it seems).

As now I have a molecular assembler my main issue was that using export buses to craft was a bit slow, so what I did is have a set of dedicated machines.

For example, as I needed a fair amount of certus quartz dust I created a pulverizer connected to the ME network inputting certus quart one side and connected a me storage on the output side.

Differently from having a me export bus this allows the pulverizing to stop when the outpus side of the pulverizer is full (so not using all my certus crystals) while keeping a sizeable buffer to create for example fluix dust when needed. It is possible to do so by using the export bus in crafting mode, but it tends to be slow for my needs since the pulverizing is done exactly on demand.

As for storing large amounts of specific materials (see cobblestone) I used a series of deep storage units connected to the network with a ME storage bus.

When the amount of cobblestone goes over a

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Yeah, I'm still experimenting atm with ME.

Honestly I'm finding using ME Buses easier than logistic pipes, just need to configure the level switches properly (and it looks neater).

The big thing with LP is the ability to use them in conjunction with an ender chest/ender pouch and be able to request anything in your ME network anywhere in any dimension. Other than that LP is pretty much redundant with ME in place.

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