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[1.0.10] * Nitrous Hexxit * | 60 Slots | Factions PVP World | Skyblock | Hexxit Hunger Games | 24/7 No Lag!


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---------- Nitrous Hexxit by BoostMC ----------

Server IP Address: hex.boostmc.org


What do we provide?


- Factions World! (PVP)

- Anarchy PVP Arena (No building, just fighting)

- Skyblock!

- HUNGER GAMES! (4 maps with hexxit items)

- Parkour World! (Very big)

- More coming soon!


Server Rules:

[1] No cheating/hacking
[2] No advertising IPs/Websites
[3] Use English in chat (No excessive cussing)
[4] No spamming
[5] No asking for OP/Free Stuff/Creative
[6] Respect faculty members
[7] Play with common sense

Disabled Mods:

Dimentional Doors

Meteors Mod (Temporary)

Server Specs:

Intel Pentium G850 @ 2.9Ghz
1TB Enterprise Grade Storage
60 Down, 15 Up Connection (Decent)

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Down for maintenance - installing Debian Linux 6 on the server box, windows 7 isnt working out the way I thought so we're switching over to linux, meaning more stability and features for the server!

I don't want to be a bother, but how long do you expect the maintenance to last?

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Plans for server upgrades - it cant handle more than 60-70 people at the moment, it can but it lags a little, so we are going to upgrade the processor to a powerful quad core soon! If plans don't go accordingly we will be lowering the slot cap to 60-70 players

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  • Anything claiming to be official Technic servers are not allowed here, for obvious reasons

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