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Discharging a jetpack?

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For a minigame, I am required to dischage jetpacks so that the players start with an empty one.

Is this possible in any way? I tried to put it in a charging bench, mfsu, mass fabricator, ... But those blocks don't use the jetpack's charge to power themselves :/

Are there any blocks that can do this?

Or is there maybe some kind of glitch that I can use to make the jetpack lose its charge?



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First of all, you might want to read the rules.

Charging Benches withdraw power from the objects in them if activated with a lever. Not sure if this also works on Jetpacks, but it's worth a shot.

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No Signing Posts - Your username is already there, it's redundant. Plus it makes you look like a loser. (You might be a loser!) It's also an easy way to tell that you haven't read these rules.

It seems I am a loser then. My apologies.

And about the discharging, I think it is not working for me. I tried with a 'charging bench', 'low voltage charging bench' and 'high voltage charging bench',

added an (activated) lever to them, but the items do not get discharged. (it Does work with batteries, but not with an electric jetpack).

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Then I guess there's no way of discharging Jetpacks.

If you don't mind a little bit of cheating, you could just dispense empty jetpacks. Immibis Tubestuff is included in Tekkit Lite, and it comes with a Duplicator. RP2 Tubes and BC Pipes see it as a valid chest, but the item inside never goes away. It's basically made for stuff like this.

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