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Running .jar without -Xmx -Xms?

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On my current host, it seems that I can no longer run the TekkitLite.jar file without using the -Xmx -Xms parameters.

If I don't use them, I get a java heap size error.

Is there a way to get rid if this error without using these parameters? I don't like them because they make the .jar show a constant ram usage of (for example) 3GB while which is just the allocated memory.. I can no longer see how much ram it Actually uses.

I want Tekkit to just change its ram usage to what it needs; I don't want it to be a constant number. Is that possible?



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I don't think top is reporting the correct information. If you have the jdk installed, you can use 'jstat' and 'jmap.' These should give you a more accurate estimate to verify that this is the case. The JVM should allocate memory as needed starting with 16M (you might want to increase this) and going up to up to 3GB. Are you sure you need to allocate 3G? Does the system have sufficient ram for you to run with (physical not virtual memory).

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