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How do you get essences? (Fire, Poison, Electric, Ect.)

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Chests and mob drops in chocolate mod. Pigmen city is a good one, always easy to spot. Watch out though some (most) servers disable chocolate due to lag. I keep them in and disable the "single use spawners" they are the culprit. Also magic essence can be made by putting all essences together in a crafting grid. Magic essence is only to make a staff and staff can be made into an elemental staff by crafting it with the desired essence.

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I'd just like to add that chocolate mod is Better Dungeons (by Chocolatin), and yes, drops from those dungeons is where you find essences most easily. I've also found all-magic essences in Battle Towers, I wonder if those have some special logic to generate high-tier items from across all mods.

I've found the staves to be a little underwhelming myself. Probably the healing one is decent on servers.

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