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[UNOFFICIAL] [BUG] Hexxit Bug Thread

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Table of Contents:

(Use Control/CMD + F to launch the in-browser find tool)



Tools 'n' Items

Cute, Fluffy Animals and Deadly Monsters

Bricks 'n' Blocks

World and Generation


Not a Bug/Working as Intended <--- Check here first before posting new bugs


I loaded up Hexxit for the first time and within the first few days I noticed some things that shouldn't be. I'll update the OP for a week or two or until the forum mods make an official topic.

I've set this up kind of like the official wiki bug thread for Vanilla


? = unconfirmed/untested

SSP = Survival Single Player

Creative = Creative Mode

SMP = Survival Multiplayer

D: = Exploit/Gamebreaking Bug

): = Bug

/: = Annoyance

x = Not a bug/working as intended

=============Tools 'n' Items==========


[D:] [sSP] - Chopping down large trees (Redwood for instance) using a Tinkers' Construct axe will chop down the entire tree using treecapitator, even if the Hatchet breaks


[sSP] - Sometimes when placing a Tinkers' Construct basic table, the better inventory mod can glitch and fake-give the next table.

[/:] - Flower Pots are an unnamed block

==Cute Fluffy Animals and Deadly Monsters==


None (YET!)


[x?] [sSP]- On peaceful, Better Dungeons' creatures will still spawn and will attack the player (Intended or...?)

=========Bricks 'n' Blocks============


[D:] [sSP?] -Ladders are defunct (you can't climb or slowly fall down from them)


None (YET!)

========World and Generation=======


None (YET!)


None (YET!)


- Technic Launcher can fail to download and/or freeze during download

- Technic Launcher can and probably will forget to download some essential things.

- Microblocks is defunct ATM

- Unless OptiFine (Link) is installed, Hexxit is most likely to suffer from crashes. Be sure to install OptiFine into "modpack.jar", not "minecraft.jar"

==========Not Bugs/Working as Intended===========

None (YET!)

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As it is right now this thread is pretty useless, as it won't reduce the bug report spam we get in this section. There are no mention of the most common crashes (RAM, unknown character '' in file, etc.), nor any answers to the most common questions (ore depth, "wtf is that floating thing").

The effort is nice, but IMO it would be better to move this to a wiki page where everyone can contribute, as well as have better formatting.

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Ok, not sure if this is bug or what.

Problem: Cant tame a horse.


1) Found a wild horse

2) Placed Saddle on horse

3) Mounted horse (horse did not buck me off, is uncontrollable, disjointed)

4) Gave horse apples (a lot) apples are removed from inventory, no response from horse

5) Mounted horse, still unable to control


Hose has a saddle and seems like it does not de-spawn. Can be ridden but not controlled.

NB: For some reason saddles are not craft-able, I spawned in the ones I am using. After the first horse did not work I spawned in another to try and feed it before mounting, no change in result.

Any advise, suggestions?

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So hold a stick in your hand? That seems odd, none of the wiki mention anything about using a stick! When I played YogBox (has a slightly earlier version of Mo's Creatures) I had none of these problems. Was able to saddle, befriend and fly a Pegasus no problem.

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yes hold a stick in your hand , yes i know it seems odd/dum,i found it on the wiki must of been a diffrent wiki for the mod tho but anyways did it work?

It did not. :(

Also of note: When I placed the saddle it was also still in my inventory (not in creative or cheat mode)

I'll post back later with my version numbers and stuff.

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