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Bad Tekkit Video Card Drivers


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No. And I don't know WHY Tekkit. Minecraft and the rest of the mod packs work.

You would be surprised at the stupid problems that can arise from out of date video card drivers ( or bad ones at that ). Seeing that your getting an error about bad video card drivers, I would only assume that updating would solve your problem. I mean it cant hurt ( actually it could, but lets not focus on that :) )

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Hey I'm having the same problem.

When i try to run Hexxit through the technic launcher, it begins to load up but then shows an error report saying "Minecraft was unable to start because it failed to find an accelerated OpenGL mode, This can usually be fixed by updating the video card drivers.".

Naturally, I updated my video card drivers.

I'm using windows XP professional, with an Intel G33/G31 express chipset video card.

I downloaded the latest driver for this video card which was version 6.14.0010.5218 and installed it.

After restarting my computer i found that the issue still remained, with the exact same error screen.

Could there be any other reason minecraft can't find an accelerated OpenGl mode, whatever that means?

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The Intel GPU in question is pretty dumb. It's not 3D accelerated. It's the bare minimum that was needed to display a desktop environment on screen and that's about it (that whole Windows Vista Compatible fiasco a while back). You'll either want to upgrade and install a real video card (if it's possible that is, if you have a laptop you're out of luck) or get a new PC. Not much you can do outside of that.

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