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engines aint worken


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Check the wiki on some of the machines that you can craft. I suggest the Electric Furnace to begin with, and put the engine next to it. Then grab some coal, chuck it inside the engine (right-click,) and put a lever next to that to turn it on/off.

That's the most basic setup there is. It's up to you to expand on that, there are useful tools to help you do that listed in the wiki.

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what version of Tekkit are you playing

what kind of system are you on?

what do you have them attached to?

what are you putting in the steam and combustion engines?

do you have images/screenshots?

tekkit one I think. it is the one that comes with the technic launcher. (though I am trying to find tekkit 3)

windows7 64 bit 16gb ram.

the default were they go is were all my other mods go and they work fine so idk why this one wouldn't.

I haven't used the steam engines but I did put fuel and water in the combustion engines and it didn't do any thing when I flipped the switch.

how do I post them?

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When you run TechnicLauncher and have Tekkit selected on the left, click the little gear underneath it and tell me which build is listed (given that you didn't know what version, I'm going to assume you're on 1.0.6, which is the current Recommended build). I have no idea what you mean by Tekkit 3.

When I ask what they're attached to, I mean to what are you connecting the engines? Conductive pipe? Redstone Energy Conduit? Directly to a specific machine?

What kind of 'fuel' did you put in the combustion engine? (EDIT: not sure if you're aware, but they can only run off of lava, oil, or fuel... and I'd be surprised if you had access to fuel if you haven't been able to get an engine to work)

A good way to post screenshots is to go to http://imgur.com/ and upload images. Then you can post the links and it's easy for us to take a look at them (screenshots can be taken with F2).

EDIT 2: It also occurred to me that your engine won't run if it's not actually connected to an output source.

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yes 1.0.6

tekkit 3? like with sips and sjin? yogscast? oh well

oh ok. I just put a leaver next to it and pulled it and nothing happened. I tried other positions too. also used redstone engine and put a redstone torch under, on top, left, right, back, and fourth


fuel. the yellow fuel. lol I am on creative. (I need to know how to play it before I play it)


really? what would the combust connect to? I have been using gold conductive pipes.

I am trying to power my quarry

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BC pipes?

sorry I am a n00b

HAHAHA!!! looks like I am just a nooby noob cus once you told me they go to WOOD pipes it worked. also I didn't know that they don't work if they have nothing to put energy to. THANKS ALL :D

just one more thing... what side of the quarry machine do you put the pipe to power it? the top is were the mined blocks comes out right?

Mod edit: Use the edit button.

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any side should do -- maybe even the front. yes, the top is where the blocks come out -- use pipes to send them somewhere. a nice way is to go into a tesseract and then be sent back to your main base/sorting area.

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there are a lot of types of energy out there -- Tekkit 1.0.6 uses MJ (Minecraft Joules, MegaJoules, I don't know that it matters exactly what it stands for). You can transport that energy via conductive pipe or Redstone Energy Conduit. I prefer Redstone Energy Conduit because it is very forgiving and has the benefit of bleeding a bit of energy which helps prevent/minimize overheating of engines when there's nowhere for the energy to go (beware Sterling Engines left unattended!).

All kinds of machines use MJ -- take a look at Thermal Expansion and MineFactory Reloaded. The wiki is your friend and we've put a lot of effort into it. It's not perfect yet, but you'll find lots of useful info there.

Solar Panels are from Tekkit Classic (and maybe Lite, I don't know b/c I haven't used Tekkit Lite extensively). They're not available in this version for several reasons; best to just let them go quietly. :)

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also I have 6 magmatic engines working and they are not giving off electricity to my quarry

why must I be confounded so?!?! :P

and they all just stoped. why? overheat? there was no were to put water. and what makes the steam in the steam engine? lava and what.

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sheesh -- read the WIKI !!!!

when Magmatic Engines don't have anywhere for the energy to go, it builds up and they'll eventually overheat. You need to whack them with a wrench (right-click) to get 'em going again. Which is WHY I mentioned that Redstone Energy Conduit is helpful... it'll keep the Magmatics from overheating.

READ: http://wiki.technicpack.net/Tekkit

EDIT: also read: http://wiki.technicpack.net/Magmatic_Engine

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