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Guns of Icarus


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HAH! I have double that and some change.

124 games.

Mind you, I have some mistakes in there I either never play because they're crap, they run crap or I never got around to playing, but that doesn't change the fact that I have a problem and need help.

I've got one and that's a demo. I've still never gotten over buying discs.

EDIT: Okay, hopefully I'll get a new computer today. If so, I'll try to buy GoIO.

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Holy cow, this is challenging. Even though I prefer being a Gunner, you get 50% chance of getting decent teammates on random, with scrubs for the rest. Glad we get to keep our trusty rubber mallets so we can whack them when they mess up.

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Well, when we can actually stop hitting each other, my current team seems to be moderately adept. Unfortunately I always have to take the wheel since the other pilot likes crashing into our team mates or the environment. Still, when this 'Technic' crew gets a game together, we should be pretty decent. That reminds me, whats our team name? We may have a ship name, but whats our team name, we can't be called the 'Technic' crew, it would get confusing.

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