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What should I ban


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I need to know what to ban on my server that can grief, so far I have the following

  1. Ender Bow - Crashes
  2. Meteor Summoner - Grief
  3. Dim Doors - Lag
  4. Dropper - Crashes
  5. Chalice - Grief
  6. Magic Pic - Grief
  7. Starstone - Grief
  8. Sojourner Staff - Grief
  9. Destruction Catalyst - Grief

What else am I missing that can be used to grief my protected server spawn :I

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Dimensional Doors causes far, far less lag since one of the latest Hexxit updates. Consider re-enabling it.

Hexxit wasn't really meant for huge servers anyway, so whether an item can be used to grief or not is a moot point for players like me.

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Ill say a smaller list of banned items would be better....


2.Dimensional doors(depends on how bad it lags your server)

3.Water staff(Just plain annoying for other players)

Also, to solve the problem with the meteor summoners, try placing meteor shields around the spawn. Better than disabling players main way to get meteors efficiently. The other items should cause very minimal grief, except for the chalice, and that should be easy to catch.

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