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How do you grow the plants in IC2 to make Redstone and Iron and stuff?

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Plants to make redstone and iron?? I think you got something wrong there... You can make all kind of things from uu-matter in ic2, look up the mass fabricator on the ic2-wiki, but that`s got nothing to do with plants whatsoever.

There are plantballs though, which can be used to get fuel, I never tried that, but thats on the ic2-wiki also...

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Wow, you're right, has been a while since I've been on the ic2-wiki, is this

agriculture stuff new or did I just miss it?

I think I have seen the cropnalyzer thingy before, and wondered what it's for,

but I can't remember having seen most of the other stuff.

Hard to imagine I would have missed anything that's called "booze-barrel",

let alone "weed-ex", that one could be my nickname... ;)

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Ok, since I'm one of the few people who actually share information about the crop system, here goes.

Every crop in tekkit (except flax) can be placed on an Industrial Craft crop stick. A crop stick needs to be placed on a farmland block (that's what dirt is when you till it). By using crop sticks, you will be able to achieve much hire gains from your crops as well as faster grow time. Advancing in this system can be frustrating at times, but in the end it is sooooooo much more rewarding than having a condenser poop out bread. Once you place your first crop stick down, just right click with a seed to plant it (Note: reeds on crop sticks only grow to one block tall, yet yield more than three reeds most of the time). What you want to do next is start growing another plant on a crop stick one over from your first. By this I mean you want a setup like this ||_|| notice the empty space between the crops.

Once both crops are fully grown, you want to place down a cross breeder. You make this by placing down a second crop stick on an already existing one instead of a seed. This cross breeder will have an 80% chance to grow one of the two parent crops, and a 20% chance to grow a completely random other crop.

OK, I've just realized at this point in typing that the information here would be better in it's own thread. Be on the lookout for a guide I post tomorrow with pictures, and a more advanced explanation.

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Interesting thought:

Does the goddess harvest band from EE function with IC2 crops?

The harvest goddess band was introduced at a time when vanilla crop trampling was still in the game. As such it was given the ability to allow the wearer to walk on crops without fear of trampling. This same effect also applies to industrial craft crops.

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