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Tesseract Question


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Are the limits on the Tesseracts limited to the Tess itself only or the Channel it transmits on?

Say I have 4 Tesseracts transmitting on Channel 10, will it technically have 4 times the power then a single, or is it capped at the same rate regardless?

Same with liquid and items, not that I've hit a cap on items.

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energy tesseract are capped at the sending end. Max 100MJ/t at default, with requires power in from all sides to fullfill. But from what i remember of my testing, 3 tesseracts transmitting power to 1 works fine, that one will then output x3 as only one sending. But if u have 1 sending and 3 receiving it will be split.

So the limit is on the tesseract not the channel.

I believe it works the same on liquid, but there is no cap from what i have seen, other than the pipes going in or out.

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I would also add that if you send power to one Energy Tesseract from multiple sides, you will also see more on the other side. It seems that each side of the Tesseract is a seperate "session" as far as the limit is concerned. This probably occurs because you're just sending more power to the channel.

Liquid Tesseracts/Item Tesseracts have no limits, but Liquiducts do.

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