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ICBM broken textures


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First of all i am sorry if this is the wrong topic but i wasn't able to find the right one,

So here is my problem, i was making my own modpack which worked really well.

But when i added optifine it broke some textures from icbm, without optifine it works all fine,

Here is a thread on the minecraft forums which is never been answered but it is pretty much the same problem. http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1878141-how-do-i-fix-broken-textures/

Removing icbm is not really an option as my modpack is based on it. Maybe it is possible to exclude the items in optifine?


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You can't just "exclude" items in optifine. Optifine changes the rendering engine, so everything gets equal treatment. The only way to fix it would be either on the side of the author of Optifine, or possibly ICBM.

Also, optifine breaks other things, like modular power suit rendering. I like the mod, it really increases framerate. But lately, it's been bringing in more problems than fixing.

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