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Question of the week 2 + story


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OK I'm going to make it question of the week so I don't spam up the forums

Here is the question: What building material(s) do you use?

Me: Stone bricks an CF foam

The story: So I was in my 1.2.3 word playing with chickens and such. I got bored and checked on my rector and it was GONE; It blew up! I didn't know why so I checked all the wires to make sure nothing broke...but then I saw an enderman who was holding a block in his hand, when I looked down I saw some wires on the floor. When he picked up that block it broke some wires which turned the reactor on...

So remember kids, always hide your wires in a wall that isn't 3 high or you will end up like ol' uncle Pulse

People who were lost in the great bang of Town Pulsia

- Pulse JR. the wolf(M)

- Flippy the wolf(F)

- Enderman(I killed him with a lava bucket)

- Ocelot Jeffrey(M)

- Mr(M)+Mrs(F) Cowmen

- Nurse Chestthaumcraft MD(F)

R.I.P. Those who fought brave against the evil forces of the Nethertans and the Creepists We solemday you all


*Squad of 13 fire 1 shot into the air*

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I use stone bricks and wood. The wood makes it look a bit more rustic, and the stone bricks give it an industrial look. Also, using wood now gives me three different colors to use, instead of just the one brown color. A bit annoying when you aren't able to get the default tree wood, as the wooden things you can craft take on the appearance of the default wood, but nice looking nonetheless.

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Depends on what i'm playing. If im playing single player, I use millenaire dried bricks, then I eventually graduate to a Dark Matter house.

In Tekkit, I'm a reinforced stone guy. Partially because i can;t stand playing in servers without raiding. (because seriously, without raids what's the point of half of the defensive measures you can take?)

But i always decorate with a combo of basalt and marble covers.

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My build material depends on how far I am in the game. Usually start vanilla with the dirt hut/hole/burrow, then move on to wood (cobble if I going to be dicking with fire) box fort thing, then maybe smooth or brick, haven't been on technic log enough to surpass the wood stage and school has kept me from getting settled on the tekkit servers. Yogsbox I kinda just stole an empty millinaire building and voxelbox I use whatever looks like it will make a good enough build for grey-listing.

In one of the maps I am making I am using a ton of iron block to make it look as "white room of science" as I can. The map is basically just glowstone, glass, iron blocks and doors, and these gold block airlock door things. The rest of it is natural cave systems.

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