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Looking for Direction - Things to do in Tekkit


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Hey guys,

I love tekkit, there are so many cool things to do, however I find myself not knowing what to do next/try. Can we come up with a list of tasks/goals to go along with tekkit? I think it would be a fun challenge to come up with some goals ranging from easy to very hard, that people can check off as they go.

I would love if there was a way to do this in-game, has anyone heard of a mod that does this? (gives you the ability to create in-game goals)


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Some stuff to try:

  • Create a vault/bunker in a pocked dimension with everything you need to survive.
  • Build a base on the moon.
  • Create a self sufficient space station.

To get your goals in game, just craft a vanilla book & quill and type them in.

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  • try catching every mooshroom on a mushroom island.(meh, bored work)
  • see how many galacticraft rockets it takes to blow up a fake base in the overworld.(funny, but expensive)
  • make your own zombie appocalipse by capturing and releasing zombies from jailer's safari nets into a village.

never said they were good idea.

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my challenge I'm currently working on is kinda fun. I'm creating an entire self-sufficient base all withing 3x3 chunks. A tower from bottom to top (easier with the flat bedrock). All wired with an ME network and power, and making all of my farms, and factories, automation, etc. fit within that. Pretty neat so far.

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