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New tekkit vs Classic


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So, I used to play Tekkit with a friend of mine while renting a small 2gb server for us to play on.

Back then, there was only 1 version of Tekkit I think, must have been with MC 1.2.5 or something close.

Now we wanted to start again and we noticed 3 versions (Tekkit, Lite and Classic).

I just installed the newest version and we started playing, but we find it too confusing. All kinds of good old things (battery's, transmution, ...) are gone. I have no idea why, probably has a good reason behind it though. My question would be, is it possible to add the mods that provided those things manually on the server + in our launchers?

Or should we use MCedit to swap our house etc to a new Tekkit Classic/Lite map and start over like that?

My final question is: Classic or Lite? Which is the one I used to play or what are the big differences between them.

I hope someone would be so kind to take their time and help us with this!

The new tekkit is just way too confusing for us :P


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Tekkit Classic is the one that you used to play. Tekkit Lite is for MC 1.4.7, has no Bukkit or EE2, but includes updated versions of mods as well as a few new ones such as Minefactory Reloaded and Dimensional Doors. the new version of Tekkit (just called Tekkit) has a very different mod set to Classic in many ways because several mods stopped or slowed updating, preventing them from being used in a new pack. The vast majority of things you could do in Tekkit Classic are possible in Tekkit, with the exception of most EE2 things, they're just done with different mods and different names. Your original world should work with Tekkit Classic.

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