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Getting over aversion to playing on servers?


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I hope this is the right place to put this, if not, feel free to move it/close it/what have you.

All my time gaming, I spent much in single player till about 3 years ago. At first I was apprehensive, as I'm more of a casual gamer who doesn't try to be "the best." My first time playing in something smaller than an MMO was in Team Fortress 2. After that, I tried other games through my 360, and found myself enjoying it for the most part. Then I tried playing Minecraft on a Technic based server.

It was great at first, having others around, building things together, teaching each other ins and outs of certain mods. There was griefing, and while aggravating, we withstood it. I ended up leading a group of nearly half a dozen players in making a base of command. However, as the griefing got worse, we decided to move our now overly stuffed complex further from spawn to seem like a less choice target. After three real days of prep, myself and one other player took a few hour break before the move. Upon returning, we found everything we built destroyed. It was a shock, and we immediately contacted a Moderator. However, things went bad to worse when the Moderator blamed us for the griefing because we didn't use the protection plugins they provided. I explained that it was my first time playing a server, and I had only recently figured out how the protection worked. They didn't care, and basically spent several minutes berating us. We decided to say goodbye to that server, and left.

My next server experience wasn't much better, and a third server proved to completely turn me off of playing with others. I hate it. I want to get over it, and I want to play on a server again, but after all this, it's difficult to simply get over. Other games I play with servers don't hold the kind of investment that playing in Minecraft does, building things and gaining resources.

I guess what this boils down to is, how do I get back into multiplayer Minecraft? Just dive right back in, test the waters? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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I've been lucky enough to not have been through any of that. I've mostly played on private servers, and I'm a mod on the only public server I really play a lot on.

Try starting small with some vanilla Minigames servers to get back into playing with S(tranger)MP.

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Sounds like you've had some bad luck with servers so far. I'd recommend luke's cold war server, as it sounds like a perfect match for you, but that's down right now.

Try out a smaller server perhaps? It sounds like the problems you have had primarily happen on larger servers.

I'd test out a server or three with like 10 slots on it or so, see how that goes.

(I've also noticed that the environment tends to be radically different when most of the players know each other outside of the server.)

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Not to toot any horns, but I strongly recommend http://www.MinecraftTunnel.com, I've had great experience there as a member myself. They don't run Tekkit, I know (vanilla and FTB Unleashed,) but since it's the community that you're having problems with, the staff is a lot nicer IMO. Tell 'em I sent you there, and if I feel like visiting, I'll let you have building stuff from my protected storeroom.

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Not to toot any horns,

Have a comic.



(Sorry, I just couldn't resist. I hate that phrase. Everyone says that, then proceeds to toot horns anyways. Or the phrase, "I don't know what to tell you, kid". No-one ever stops talking there. Etc, etc.)


whitelisted servers = good,

small servers = good,

people who know each other = good,

searching high and low for the best servers and admins/mods = good.

Armed with this knowledge, plunge forth and go to rule the world of minecraft!

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Thanks for the positive feedback. I will say the first server I played on was whitelisted, but I noticed not too long before those incidents occurred the Moderators there let a string of people in who hadn't actually completed their forms. I'll try these suggestions out. My want for others to play this with hopefully outweighs my feelings about those past experiences.

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We all have some bad multiplayer experiences once in a while. Me and a few friends of mine had that on one of the servers, where the server owner had appointed his IRL friend as an admin, who abused his powers to punish our group after we were framed for committing a crime (stealing) that we did not commit. The whole thing was really stupid, and honestly, partly our fault, because our group is generally a rather bad-mouthed group, who have no reservations to call someone for who they are, no matter their power or veterancy status on the server. In short, we probably inadvertently created our own enemies, but the retaliation against us by that madmin was completely out of proportion, and after a heated debate with both him and the server owner, we decided to leave the server, seeing as our whole base was wrecked by a power-hungry jerk with no moral reservations, and we felt sour about the playerbase.

Why am I writing all this? To show that even when you've played for a long time, you can still stumble upon bad servers, and the only way to fix this is to move on to another one.

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