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Need Some Advice about my 24/7 Tekkit Lite Server


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Sorry for the double post First of all, I would Also like to say thanks in advance this site has helped me in the past, I have done a fair amount of research on this topic and i am not exactly sure where to go from here and like many here have heard before "i am no expert with servers" So please bare with me,

Here is my server setup that runs my tekkit lite world,

-IBM X3650 Twin Xeon Quad Cores 24 GB Ram 4x SAS 15k 73 GB Windows Server 2008 Enterprise drives running at my house on a 50m/b connection, 64 bit updated java, Tekkit is the only thing that runs on the system,

I am aware this is not the best system on the planet but i would think it would be fine for a small slot home hosted Tekkit world,

The Issue,

I start the server in command prompt and let it run people log on around 6-8 in number, The world runs fine for the first few hours its running never going over 11% Cpu and about 3.5 gb of ram give or take, After the first few hours the Cpu and Ram Usage slowly starts to climb regardless of the amount of people in the server, As this time goes on users start to lag starting with people with lower performance computers first and the slowly on to the users with better computers, If you leave the world up for a few days the server will eventually get to about 95-98% Cpu usage and to about 15-17 of 24 GB of Ram usage, I cant seem to figure what the deal is and how to keep the world running in the so called "Peak" in the first hour or so that i start the world? If anyone can shed some light on this issues i would be thankful as i would think this server machine would be enough to run something small like this?

Thank you for your time,

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I have between 10 and 15 people online at once during busy times, from a pool of about 50 active people. I even permit quarries in a Mystcraft age and I don't have problems with performance even after days of uptime on the server. 3G allocated to TekkitLite out of 8G server memory. Server never drops below 20 TPS.


Latest MCPC+ Legacy 1.4.7


CoreProtect, GriefPrevention, Lockette, Essentials (and a few other simple plugins)

I know it is just an anecdotal reference, but there it is.

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Dynmap is a dynamic, real-time map of your world(s). For Forge based servers you will want to use the latest mod based version for the version of MC you are running.

MCPC+ is a CraftBukkit provider. It allows you to add Bukkit plugins to your server. This can be important if you want to add features which enhance multi-player or provide protections from players doing things they shouldn't. These are some of the plugins I use:

  • CoreProtect - provides block logging so I can see who placed/broke certain blocks.
  • Essentials - provides many commands and features friendly for multi-player such as homes, kits, teleporting, etc.
  • GriefPrevention - Allows players to make "claims" which protect their builds/blocks from other players.
  • Lockette - Another protection plugin I use to provide protection of certain blocks in Mystcraft ages since GriefPrevention doesn't work in them.
  • LoginSecurity - A login password plugin to help protect against the well known exploit all 1.4.7 servers are vulnerable to.
  • PermissionsEx - My permissions plugin. Allows me to make ranks/groups for players with different privileges (Admin, Moderator, Helper, Veteran, Player, Guest).
  • TekkitCustomizer - Provides a mechanism to restrict use of certain blocks and items to certain groups.
  • WorldBorder - Make a maximum distance from spawn players are permitted to travel.
  • WorldEdit - Allows you to easily "edit" areas of the world.
  • WorldGuard - Another protection plugin that allows you to restrict certain features and make changes to rules in defined areas.

These of course need some significant configuration to be effective, but work fairly well once you have done so. If you would like a demonstration you can log into my server. (totally not an advertisement) tekkitlite.circlecraft.info

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