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Big Dig 1.3.14 or 'how unleashed spoiled me'


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I was playing with the feed the beast launcher, stumbled upon the unleashed pack, which is basically big dig by another name.

Not only does unleashed feature pretty much all the mods big dig does (minus galactic craft which I manually applied and yes it did work) but they are all the latest minecraft 1.5.2 versions of each mod. And boy is it more stable than big dig ever was.

Wh...whats happening guys? The technic launcher now supports minecraft 1.6+ meaning that the next iteration of big dig could leapfrog so much bullshit and enter the realm of the latest 1.6.2 compatible mods. With every version iteration (minecraft and mod alike) overall stability does increase.

What's the plan for 1.6.14, and when is it coming? Will it feature the latest mods for 1.5.2?

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Things will be updated when they're updated. Mods have to finish updating, modpacks have to be assembled, modpacks have to be tested, etc. etc. As far as I know, getting the launcher working with 1.6 was the first step in the process. Now it is time to wait for all the mods to be updated, and once that's done the assembly process can begin.

Then again, I could be completely wrong. I'm just a forum moderator after all, I don't do any work on the packs themselves.

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I am only guessing here, but Feed The Beast is insanely popular. You can tell a little about the ebb-and-flow of popularity on games by the Wiki(s).

FTB's wiki is updated like hotcakes, news for FTB is everywhere and at any given time, most(or all) livestreamers on Twitch are on FTB.

It is my belief that Technic is getting a huge amount "less" in the way of help from community(communities) at this time.

CanVox is testing Big Dig 1.x.13 right now (There's a thread you can follow its progress) so finishing a stable build of 13 looks to be quite a ways off, let alone even beginning the process of a .14.

I personally love Big Dig .9 (even with all its failings), but it seems obvious to me that all the speed in completing things and testing and working is on FTB's side right now, because, simply, a large amount of people, modders and devs have totally flooded it and gotten on bored in actually doing work, lots of work, bug testing/fixing and all right now.

I personally am a very "open-source"-ish type of person when it comes to advancing gaming of any shape and size, so hope the best for everyone and we all win. Maybe some more can get on board helping CanVox, but props to him for doing all the insane amount of work that's required.

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