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Energy drain when offline


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Hoping I'm just missing something obvious, but I just can't seem to solve this problem.

I have a BioFuel farm producing 9 different items for max efficiency, feeding into two BioFuel Reactors that feed into a total of 16 BioFuel Generators. This has been running just fine and generating a surplus for a while. But somewhere in the past few weeks something went crazy and my power drain skyrocketed, resulting in half of my items being completely consumed so that everything was operating on much lower efficiency.

I thought I had narrowed it down to a huge Buildcraft Laser array, but I've cut it from the network and STILL I'm having strange behavior. The only significant drain at the moment is an AE Network drawing about 65MJ/t but that shouldn't keep 10+ BF Generators running full-time, should it?

And the strangest behavior is that my RECs will all fill up, while I watch. Then I'll go offline for an hour (or less, even) and when I come back in at least one of the RECs will be completely empty. Not even sure how that's possible, as the BioFuel setup is running the whole time and it's all loaded with a Dimensional Anchor.

Any ideas where my mystery drain might be coming from? Or am I vastly underestimating my power needs?

And are Spruce saplings not a good BioFuel source? That's one item that I just can't seem to generate a surplus of, even with over 25 saplings being planted/harvested for Spruce alone.

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Spruce is less productive then oak, but only in that the saplings will not grow when too close to an adult tree. They need their space, not when planted, but between harvesting and growth.

sounds like you might have the case of the inverted redstone energy conduit. so check your connections. One of your tesseracts might have a switched connection causing it to act as a huge power dump. 20% loss also counts if the conduit is looped on the tesseract(one input, one output from the same tesseract), so it might just be wasting power there.

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I've had it happen to me, once. Thought I had them all set to their correct setting, only to find one that had switched ,a few days later, and it was constantly draining a good portion of my base's power. Odd stuff can happen, even with stable mods.

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