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Universal Cable


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Uni cable does not have a (documented) loss. But it has its ups and downs.

Uni cable if used with RECell's will drain them dead even with no output connected. Because RECells both input and output on the same face, there is no way to tell it whether you want energy or to store energy. Avoid this configuration if you can.

Not all machines that output power, play nice with Uni Cable. I've listed some I've tested.

  • Steam Engine
  • Magmatic
  • Clockwork Engine
  • MFR's Bio Generator
  • BC Engine's appear work fine with exception of redstone engine

For machines that really hate it, but like RECon, you can use 1 or 2 pieces of RECon to extract the power, and then finish the connection with Uni Cable.

RECon has some advantages. Flow control and bleed out if the destination is full.

Also, after extensive testing, RECon actually stores some of it (buffer). This is why you see some "loss". Some of it is still there, just waiting to be used.

There is a loss, but I personally wouldnt even call it 5%.

RECon because of this buffering, and flow control, requires more calculations on host and server. Super long runs or complex setups may cause users graphics distress.

Machines that dont like RECon

  • MFFS machines (really dont know what the problem is with this guy. Only accepts uni cable or fortron pumped to it using liquiduct)

Power transfer (Handling) for either cable system is equal rate.

RECon is capped at 800MJ/t

I've pushed well over 1400MJ/t through Uni Cable.

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So, really, the better alternative for pumping power long distances is not RECon but Uni cables? (Assuming I'm using UEC's)

I ask this because there is no documented loss, and they cause less graphical distress than RECon. Expense is not an issue.

Another thing after testing. It is exactly 5% loss per stretch of RECon. Using one full energy cell and running multiple tests I found that for each run of RECon (let's call it n) the function of energy is a simple exponential function of:

f(n) = [starting energy] * 0.95^n.

I like math don't judge me. After running 60000MJ from a full REC, I received just under 46500 back. It seemed right to me so I ran a few more "n"s and it all worked out mathematically.

I do notice a large amount of FPS droppage and stress when coming into populated and technically advanced areas (Areas using RECons) Perhaps I'll encourage a switch over to UEC's and Uni cable to prevent lag.

Also any way to break the suckers faster?

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Break them? yes! Use wrench ID 10993 (The black one), or Prototype Omniwrench and shift-right click. DONT do it too fast. It will spam the server and it will boot you off (non-fatal). Just rejoin if you do get kicked.

Uni Cable use an Iron Axe with normal left-click.

And thank you for that equation! That helps. I was using an AEC to BEC as this would give me a set consumption amount, leaving a remainder.

Copper wire transfers power really fast, but you will loose huge amounts.

I wish the energy cubes accepted redstone signals to switch off/on.

You dont have to get rid of the RECell's, just utilize a RECon segment to set the flow direction going into/out of them. Uni cable will hook right up to the conduit.

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