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Info for the modpack makers.(TE3 recipes in other mods)


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Outside testing shows that Modular powersuit has issues with the Thermal Expansion 3 recipes. As in, it is still trying to use the TE2 recipes. Disabling Thermal Expansion recipes, for this mod, fixes this issue. When later versions of the mod are made, the mod will probably have this fixed up.

Also, as of this post, Immibis Microblocks causes a crash to desktop error when placing TE3 Conduits. It tries to treat them as microblocks, and since they are not, it gives a brief item class mismatch error before closing minecraft. This error, if the mod is used, can not be fixed with current releases of Immibis Microblocks. The other Immibis mods do not have any noticeable issues.

Lastly, several of the other mods might give crash to desktop errors dealing with recipes. These are also most likely due to the same TE3 recipe mismatch. Disabling TE3 recipes in those mods, for now, might fix them as well. At least until the recipes are fixed in later versions of the effected mods.

Just giving you guys a heads up. Hopefully this helps you guys out a little.

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Bugs for a mod which isn't in the pack yet. If he posted this in the bugs section, then it would be the wrong place, since it's not a Tekkit bug report. It's so the bugs can be fixed before it gets added to the pack.

Also, it's a report to the makers of the modpacks, not mods. There's a difference :P

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