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well, you can power a Quarry with multiple Sterling Engines (but they're dangerous!) or Combustion Engines (also can be dangerous); I like Magmatic Engines for early in the game, as you can get a lot of good power by melting Netherrack in a Magma Crucible and using the Magma to power the engines. And if they overheat you just have to whack them (right-click) with a wrench to get them working again.

But to really look long-term, I'd recommend a nice self-sustaining BioFuel setup and transmitting energy to your Quarry via an Energy Tesseract. Then send items back to your main base via an Item Tesseract. If you work it this way, you'll only need three blocks to run a fully functional Quarry and you can move it around with ease.

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I like to go for power generation and basic ore processing, so maybe a Steam Engine (or several) and Pulverizer/Powered Furnace/Induction Smelter?

EDIT: Oh, and by the way... no need to sign your posts. We can see who you are and there are these rules...

I need Invar for induction. And I have 1 ferrous ore. How to I get Invar without an induction smelter?

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I would recommend to start with this early lowtech automated powerplant. It gives 20 Mj/tic and is enough to run all basic machines you need in an early game. The powered furnace makes oak wood to charcoal that powers the steam engines.

1 aqueus accumulator, 5 steam engines, 1 planter, 1 harvester, 2 upgrade (iron), 5 hoppers , 1 powered furnace, waterproof pipes , pipes, 1 diamond pipe to route sapplings and oak wood. If you dont whant to have things jump out from the pipes use 2 closed pipes. One between the hooper and the pipe(forgot to put it there on the build) and one between the planter and the pipe. Iron upgrades gives you a 7*7 area of oak wood and that is enough to supply it without having to use fertilize.


Why I thing this is a good start is that it is so easy to switch over to biofuel when it's time for that. Just add birch, spruce and rubber plantation 7*7 and you will have a working biofuel system without having to use fertilize.

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