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Looking for a server


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Hi, I'm looking for a Tekkit Lite server to play on, but I am kind of lost as to where I might decide which is best for me. Most of the sites I've looked at have lists of servers with VERY brief descriptions of each and no sure way of deciding one over another. So, here are the criteria I have for deciding:

- preferably no PvP

- small community that likes to collaborate on projects rather that acting as if they are playing SSP, not SMP (friendly, helpful, all that jazz)

- nothing fancy or big, straight up Tekkit Lite

- yeah, that's pretty much it

So, if you have ay suggestions, please reply, and thanks for any input. Also, I apologize if I posted this in the wrong thread, I don't post on these forums much.

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I have a small "vanilla" Tekkit Server (no special plugins...just Tekkit 0.6.5) that currently has no one but me playing on it. It's really nothing special...except for the fact that it is mine :)

You are welcome to give it a try. Message me your username and I will whitelist you and message you the ip.

If you can follow instructions, you are worthy.

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I maintain a server that has been running for quite some time now. A friendly and helpful community of folks. You are welcome to drop in and check the place out. Attendance has been a bit lower than normal the last couple weeks, for various reasons (holidays, busy with work, no active post on here advertising) but there is usually someone on. If you let me know what your in game name is (PM is fine) I can promote you so that you can play if no one of a rank which can promote is online when you show up.


There's a fair amount of information at spawn with rules, plugin help, etc. that you really need to check out. Fairly typical stuff.

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