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[1.6.4]Generic Land[PvE][32 Slots][Open][M3:TP][New Server]


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Modpack Page:


This server is hosted by GenericTag, using a modpack made by Mad3ngineer.



Server Rules:

No Griefing

Griefing will be defined as any willful destruction of another player's property, or the natural landscape. Try to minimize your impact on the world, for instance don't truck a mountain to build a city; find a flatter biome.

No Stealing

No stealing from other players. If you are stolen from, staff will do what they can to fix it.

Be Kind In The Chat

This server is intended to be a friendly place for everyone. If you don't have anything nice/helpful to say, keep quiet. If you are found hating on any person(s) there may be muting/banning.

Keep "Adult" Language Down

This server is an all-age server, meaning we want it to be appropriate for everyone. Please don't use language, or mutings/bannings may be dealt.

Mad3ngineer and GenericTag are final authority for any problems.

Server Info

This server was made to be a friendly place for everyone to build Minecraft creations.

GenericTag has run several friendly servers over the past two years.

Mad3ngineer started the M3:TP (Mad3ngineer's TechPack) about 6 months ago, for need of a stable, balanced, bug-free (well, as close as we could get it) modpack.

This server was started to share the modpack with everyone, in a fun experience. We are always open to suggestions, and ways to improve our server/modpack.

We are a mostly varied community, and we try to "prune" the players that detract from it, to make our server truly the best one out there.

We are looking for any friendly player that wants a nice server to join. If you have been bugged by admins in the past, we know how it feels. We (the owners) do what we can to keep abuse down. If you find a staff member abusing in any way, Message us! (Myself or GenericTag)

We are currently accepting staff members! Message GenericTag with your applications!

Server Spawn

(sorry, the spawn is currently non-existing... we will construct a new one shortly)

It's the only non-legitimately built thing on the server! Even the owner plays survival!

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Update to 1.6.4 is live, and the server is running smoothly! We still need more players for this server. All I can say is, give it a try... You will love it. After all, the only thing you have to do to try the pack is paste a link.

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