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Your most complex machine


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I recently made a machine that automates the creation of solar panels using pipes, automatic crafting tables, 2 electric furnaces, a macerator, and redstone engines. I was wondering what other machines had been created to do similar tasks. I'd love to see some other user's complex machines (whether it be IC2, Buildcraft, Thermal Expansion, (etc.) or a mixture thereof) to get some inspiration. So, post pics below!




starting chest


iron furnace autocrafting table (left) and RE battery autocrafting table (right)


top view (beginning chest is in the top right)


Generator autocrafting table (just to the left of the crosshair) and electronic circuit autocrafting table (just to the left of that)


Sand -> Glass furnace (left) and solar panel autocrafting table (center)

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biggest machine, before i dismantled it and replaced it with the AE crafting processor, was an automated diamond maker.  no screenshots, unfortunately.  it used a ton of phased transport pipes to send everything around.  it even transmuted dirt all the way to diamond.  no ic2 involved at all.  it was pure bc, right down to the power supply for the quarry.  i still have most of that power system in place, and plan to make a nuclear reactor using one of the safe designs to power the whole system.

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Here are just a few things that are on our small server.




Rebuild of our crafting facility ( not complete yet )





Fully Automated Medium Voltage Solar Array production. ( just add hv trans for HV solars :) ) ( Works off UU-Matter)







And then "The Beast 4.0" ( Fully Automated Self Contained Ultimate Hybread Solar Array Factory )  ( we added in the advacned solars mod ) ( Works Off UU-Matter )








Those are just a couple of them I have thrown togather, I have many more that are in the works that do some cool things, like a fireworks factory ( every type of firework that can be created ).


Unfortunatly I have also just started a world with a friend that we are trying out that is taking away from my main world. But Ill try to remember to post images of the new stuff.


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