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Planetside 2


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So I just found this game on the Internet and really like it.

It's a futuristic strategy shooter, and they aren't lying when the website talks about the game. I do warn you that it's a pain to start out a new character, but the vehicles make up for it.



If you would like to add me I have 3 characters:

Vanu Sovereignty: Verviedi

Terran Republic: Poryy

New Conglomerate: DuesVervun

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VS: Waterson

NC: Woodman

TR: Woodman

I think there's a Planetside 2 thread already, created a long time ago.

Also, you really oughta post what server (Or whatever they call it) you're on.

I don't want to necro it.

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Depends on how badly it killed your computer before. Apparently, those with >2 cores see the most benefit.

I went from 25fps in the biggest battles to 40+ steadily. It was a huge, huge boost to me (Barely above minimum specs in most aspects, minimum in most others).

Although now I crash way more often, and the game hitches now and then, not that I've ever been bothered by <1 second of lag.

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