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Greifed! Adventure map


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Hi, I am making an adventure map called Griefed!, as the name says. Basically, you will spawn in this totally griefed abandoned city, like the kind of city on big servers. You will have to fix the power grid , accomplished by completing various challenges, and you will also have to supply resources for a builder that will eventually rebuild the city. May I please have suggestions for the various challenges you must face, incorporating the various mods in the Tekkit pack? thx

Also, the challenge I already have planned is once in the city, you have to dive down the oil well to access the start of the adventure.

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1st - off you could have a power grid that you have to rebuild using fiber cable (IC2)

2nd - you could have a bank in which all the diamonds/DM/RM has been stolen (bonus: have a few energy collector grids made (EE.)

3rd - resuply the army with wepons (Wepons Mod)

4th - rebuild the local agriculture (farms) by useing farmers and auto. harvester (forestry)

5th - have a few houses with mini missions in side (Example, "someone stole my nano saber please go find it")

...and so on and so forth

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You could start it off with a sign room explaining the map that you have to walk across a floor switch to get to from spawn, and end the explanation with "You had 10 minutes from entering the room before the nuclear reactor blows up and you lose. There's a compass in the chest. Head northwest."

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