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Issues with Diamonds on personal Tekkit server


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I am running a tekkit server on my home computer. I have been mining all day (8 hrs) and have not seen any diamonds. I am wondering if there is a mod or setting in the current tekkit build (not classic, not lite, plain ol tekkit), that could result in them not showing up.

Thank you for your help.

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I had the same problem on my just recently started server. I mined on levels 8 and 10 which apparently have the "highest concentration" and it still took a few hours. I had to go into MC-edit and turn on view-ores-only mode just to confirm that there were even diamonds in the world.

Main point: It's just bad luck. If you've played tekkit classic recently, you may be expecting diamonds to be more plentiful because diamonds in tekkit classic came very, very easily.

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Diamonds spawn from levels 1-16. The 5-12 suggestion comes from not only the random bedrock, but also the fact that's 50% of the spawn range and all completely within pick range from a flat floor.

The average distribution is 2 ores per chunk I believe, but that means across the whole world, not that every chunk will have 2 diamonds.

I personally dig a shaft straight down and clean out the entire 1-16 layer range, cobble and all. And sometimes I do find my standard 48x48 (3x3 chunks)artificial cavern is completely devoid of diamonds and I have to branch out into more chunks.

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