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Technic platform refuses to connect properly


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In advance, any help on this issue is greatly appreciated, and I apologize for posting yet another thread that is most likely a problem coming from my side.

Platform version:

Operating system: Windows 7 (64 bit)

Java version: Version 7 update 51 (most recent)

Antivirus program: Norton antivirus

My problem: After opening the launcher, the login screen appears, and I am able to log in normally. However, when the launcher window opens, the news section doesn't appear, although the window looks otherwise normal. When I click on "add new pack", I am presented with the platform delivery URL dialog box. When I paste a delivery URL, I receive the message "Error parsing platform response". From looking at the logs, this is due to the launcher's apparent inability to connect to the internet.

Primary issue, found in console after pasting a URL (The Business Elite pack, if this is relevant)

java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: net.technicpack.launchercore.exception.RestfulAPIException: Error accessing URL [http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/businesselite]

After this line, all lines that give an error (At: java.somethingorother) are caused by "Unknown source". I believe, although I cannot be sure, that this unknown source is a lack of connection.

Here is a link to the full log of the platform launch on pastebin: log 1/17

I have searched the FAQ on the technic pack website, as well as the technic forums and any other forums that have relevant information.

Below is a list of my attempted fixes:

  1. Re-installation of the launcher (failed)
  2. Re-starting computer (failed)
  3. Disabling antivirus when attempting to download (failed)
  4. Deleting .technic folder and running the platform with antivirus disabled (failed)
  5. Deleting .technic folder and technic launcher, re-downloading launcher and running launcher with antivirus disabled (failed)
  6. Removing www. from link (suggested in forums) (failed)
  7. "Trusting" the file through Norton (failed)
  8. Allowing program through windows firewall (still trusted by Norton) (failed)
  9. Manually downloading mod pack and inserting files into .technic (failed)
  10. Creating custom firewall rules for the launcher (still trusted by Norton) (failed)
  11. Excluding .technic folder from Norton auto-protect, SONAR, and download intelligence protection (still trusted) (failed)
  12. Attempting to download other mod packs (file(s) trusted unless noted) (failed)
  13. Attempting to use old technic launcher mod packs in the platform (failed)
  14. Pasting link with Norton firewall disabled (allowed through windows fw) (failed)
  15. Updating java (No effect; java was already updated) (failed)
  16. Re-installing java (failed)
  17. Deleting old java versions (failed)
  18. Downloading the latest jdk for 64 bit systems (failed)
  19. Excluding TechnicLauncher.exe from Norton auto-protect, SONAR, and download intelligence protection (failed)
  20. Adding "beta." to the front end of download URL (gave invalid URL) (failed)
  21. Running the platform as an administrator (on admin account) (failed)
  22. Running the platform, java.exe, and javaw.exe as an administrator (failed)
  23. Giving java.exe and javaw.exe Norton file trust (failed)
  24. Allowing connections through Windows firewall for java.exe and javaw.exe (failed

If anyone has something I should try that I haven't listed above, please let me know. I am at my wit's end trying to get this to work, and I have spent a minimum of 4 hours attempting any and all fixes that worked for others. There may be more fixes I've attempted, I can't remember them all at this point.

P.S. I'm not going to uninstall my antivirus for any reason.


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P.S. I'm not going to uninstall my antivirus for any reason

Both this launcher and FTB are blocked and bullied by Norton, I have even stumbled on one user who got "invalid credentials", as in, cannot log in.

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