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Unofficial B-Team Bug Reports/Support Thread


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You need more r

I have a problem where every time I join a server I start falling through the world, and this happens on every server I join. Can you please help me, this problem has happened literally over 50 times for me on three different servers. Thank you.

You need more ram allocated to game at least 2gb - no more then 3.5gb

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Whenever I enter a single player game (haven't tried a server yet, but I asuume it will be the same since SP is just an internal server), I spawn just fine, but everything is invisible. All I can see is particles and dropped item/block entities. All blocks and my character are completely invisible. I tried resetting the modpack and restarting my computer, but neither worked.

Found the issue- its the AMD Catalyst 14.1 beta drivers. This page will fix the problem (not just AOTBT, all minecraft)


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I have an issue with the Q-craft portals in SMP, from what I can tell, because the glass is actually a different glass, (changed to the chisel modpack glass) you can't build either of the multi-block structures, although I have only tried the portal so far. And I did build it to the dime from the Q-craft wiki.

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i cant start attack of the B team, whenever i try to it loads then the Technic launcher closes and reopens but the game does not start. i tried to re install the game and the launcher.

plz help

The last post on this thread was close to 10 months ago.

If you have a bug report or problem, you can find help in the tracker.

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