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Failed to Login : Bad Login


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Use the same details that you use to login to regular MC and try using your email address instead of your IGN and vice versa

We're not talking about the actual login, we're talking about when we try joining a server.

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It's to do with contacting minecraft.net, not B-Team related as far as I could tell.  Set the server mode to online=false if possible in server properties (only really practicable on a private server not many people know about) and that means it won't do the check that gives that message.

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I'm having the same issue, but heres what I've found;

When this issue occurs, its random. I dont know what causes it, but I think it has something to do with changing your skin? Its happened twice when I've changed my skin. But if I leave it for a day, and come back, boom! It's up and running, I dont think it has anything to do with minecraft.net or mojang, or even B-team. I think its just a glitch, but I cant be sure. Im actually having this issue right now. Here are some things that might work.


*Log out of the technic launcher, and log back in.

*Wait 24 hours, and try again.

*Click the cog icon below the pack you want to launch, and then click 'reset modpack'.

*Make sure you have enough GB's put into your game, you may get the message because the server is overloading you.



Any suggestions to add to this list?

I hope this helps some, for me, waiting or logging in again fixes it.

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It's to do with minecraft.net or mojang - the skin changing may make a difference, but if it does I haven't seen evidence of it (it's not impossible).


When you first open the launcher it logs you into the minecraft.net authentication servers, if you sit at the launcher screen for a few hours then try to play there's a pretty good chance that login it did back when you ran the program will have expired - when you connect to a server in that situation and the server contacts minecraft.net it will be told "This player isn't currently logged in so they couldn't possibly be connecting to your server: Bad Login".


Some people lose their auth connection only minutes after running B-Team, though as far as I know no-one has isolated exactly why.  If I had to guess, I'd say it's probably some firewall or antivirus software on the computer they're using, in the modem/router they're using or perhaps at the ISP - it only needs to break the connection for an instant though for minecraft.net to give up on it, it won't try to reconnect on its own - you need to force it (close the launcher and open it again so it logs back in).  If it's the ISP and they're working on something their end which is dropping the connection regularly then it'd make sense for it to not work until they've stopped doing that (which is why I guess for some people it doesn't work whatever they do, then works fine the next day).


The skin changing may make a difference in that the client caches the skin when you first connect.  I don't think it checks to see if it matches (I think if there's a difference it just shows the incorrect skin), but I could be wrong about that, there may be some check there that's causing it to drop the connection more often if the skin has changed.

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