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[1.0.12a] * Nitrous B-Team * - Taken Down

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Someone is, I also reported this on the site.


Every time mc4lifeftb joins the server, it crashes. Either he has a corrupt chunk or there's something wrong with his player file. Is it possible to delete the chunk/reset his file or temp-ban him? It's rather annoying when there's 30-70 people online then one guy joins and ruins everyone's fun. He knows he's crashing the server and he will not stop joining, he was asked politely to start off and refused.

Now he's crashing it on purpose. Joining and being a troll;


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Although further verification is not needed, I can verify that mc4lifeftb was repeatedly crashing the server, on purpose nethertheless.

I would also like to throw out that the server has been down for a concerningly long amount of time... 

This is a great server, and I would love to help keep the server maintained, and if you have a shortage of staff, I would be more than glad to sign up.

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