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[1.0.12a] * Nitrous B-Team * - Taken Down

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We currently will not build a player market until we sort out the avoiding of pvp boundaries. 

That one isn't a hard one, all you would need to do is give the 'Safe' faction infinite power, and claim a couple of extra chunks. If I remember the command correctly, it is somewhere along the lines of '/f tag infinitePower true' or something like that. It's been a while since I messed around with factions.

On a totally different note, V1nsan1ty0 managed to corrupt his player file, and now it needs to be reset. Sorry that my friends and I are always corrupting out player files, Jonny, but what can I say? We are the pioneers of this mod pack.

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eet has taglocked me inside of spawn. He took 3 of them and has killed me over 4 times with it saying "I will F*ck your mother". 

Sorry, but I guess that that is just the way the chips fall. I guess that you just have to be lucky enough to get a base and a respawn point up before someone comes along and THAT happens.

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