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Cant join servers? Help me!!


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Everytime i try joining a multiplayer server in Attack of the B-Team, it says the following:


The following microblocks are not installed on this client: tile.blockDiamond, tile.blockEmerald, tile.blockGold, tile.blockIron, tile.blockLapis, tile.bookshelf, tile.dirt, tile.lightgem, tile.sandstone, tile.sandstone_1, tile.sandstone_2, tile.stonebrick, tile.stonebricksmooth, tile.stonebricksmooth_1, tile.stonebricksmooth_2, tile.stonebricksmooth_3.


Can someone plz help and tell me how to solve this problem?








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There is a new server update. Server owners need to update to 1.05. It is on the B-team modpack website.

When I download it it's version 1.0.2 Why is this? Am I on the wrong website or something?


Nevermind I found it in News&Announcements. 

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