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AttilaCraft Attack on B-Team White Listed Survival.


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IGN: xXElementalFoxXx

Skype: foxmenion

Age: 14


I would like to play on a server with people who have the ability to think logically and be mature. I love the modpack but some of the players are immature on public servers. I might get on quite alot and maybe even make some video content if it's okay with you. Please reply soon. Thanks!

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Whitelist application:


Skype: Medium976

Age: 36


I currently don't have that much video content but this might just be what i've been missing. ;)


I've been looking for a good server to do more builds on. I've tried the usual multiplayer servers online but it tends to be more politics and nagging from players, and less building and fun. 

I've been watching the mindcrack team for two seasons and really love the Whitlisted server approach.



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IGN: AsassinCrafter (I Know I Spelt It Wrong :3)


Skype: Hardcoreminer


Age: 13


 I Really Want A Permanent Server Too Play On With A Friendly Community That Isn't Massive So This Is Perfect For Me! Im Pretty Good At The Game Not That It Matters But Yeah I Hope You Let Me Join. :P


Kind Regards,


Matty Clark.


PS. If You Want Me To Not Use Caps I Understand Fully, Just A Habit! :3

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IGN: HannahHolden


SKYPE: Chives_15


Age: 15


I love this mod pack and would like to play with people who are mature and don't dick around I will hopefully be recording it and I would love to be accepted. I will most likely play everyday to every second day.

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  • Anything claiming to be official Technic servers are not allowed here, for obvious reasons

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