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AttilaCraft Attack on B-Team White Listed Survival.


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Server rules:

*No griefing

*No spamming

*No asking for OP, Ranks, or Items

*No builds near spawn

*No using exploits

*No harassing other players

*Respect all players

No items are banned yet

On this server we are growing a new community based slightly on Mindcrack with a bit of Yogscast thrown in. We are trying to create a dynamic world with a flowing Economy without using a economy plugin. While you don't have to be a youtuber to join it is encouraged. We are currently running on AOBT 1.05 with 8 gigs of ram and hoping to grow. 

Server is 24/7

Whitelist application:





Group Events

Every month or two, we server will participate in certain Group Events. These events include treasure hunts, Attacking the Ender Dragon. Boss Fights, Company competitions and more.



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IGN: darkth

Skype: lightcherry832

Age: 800 years old


Hope to hear from you soon and have a nice day/night





IGN: tomullman18

Skype: heyitstom18

Age: 20


really looking forward to being accepted!

also, where did you get the name "attila" from?

i listen to a band with the same name, just wondering if you got it from that or another source.




Im applying for both me, and a friend-

IGN: povey1

Skype: peter.povey69

Age: 16


IGN: shaunreynolds11

Skype: shaunreynolds11

Age: 16


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want to play on a server with mature players. new to this mod pac but i have experience with some of the mods it contains. will be recording when I believe my content is good enough to do so.


I expect to be on everyday

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