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[1.6.4] Thesociety.eu [PvP/PvE][51 slots][Whitelist][TrainCraft 3]

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Click me to go to modpack page


Server ip is thesociety.eu


Server is run by DragonbornSR and Kerts93 



  1. No verbal abuse
  2. No PvP in main world
  3. No griefing
  4. No stealing
  5. No discrimination
  6. No begging
  7. No hacking
  8. No warping away from pvp
  9. No swearing

No pvp in main world unless both parties agree to it.


TrainCraft is about creating trains and having fun with friends. Server is up 24/7 unless there are bugs or problems.


The community that plays on the server is very nice and friendly and very helpful. Link to forms


Theres not much to creating a whitelist app except to follow the posted format on the fourms. Link to whitelist format post


Here is a picture

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