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Traincraft Modern V5 Offical Server - Villagertech 24/7


As stated in the title, we are a modded server, the server is based around Traincraft and technology and Companies, Factories. The Server has a vast

Railroad System that goes around the server, There are plenty of towns and cities and more. We have plenty of mods that you won't get bored.


Our World is quiet nice and has a lot of unexplored areas considering its age, Starting players are recommended to go to the town Greenville or Springfield as they are both free to join plot towns. Yes, You can start your own town if its at least 1000 blocks from the mainline or any other settlement or Railroad. You can get a Railroad for $500,000 In game money, and making money is not that hard on this server. We even have Fallout 3 and 4 style vaults (for fun, Not actually gonna have a Nuclear Winter, and yes, the doors will work, They are still being made)


Now you might be wondering why you should pick us? I Can answer that. Unlike some other Traincraft servers, we are not Pay to Win. (Yes There is still Pay to win servers out there). You can get a Railroad, build a town, Factories, Vaults Etc without paying any real life money! And There isn't usually any lag.


Modpack Required to Join: Traincraft Modern V5 Offical - Technic


Please Note about modpack: The modpack will require about 3-4GB Ram Minimum to Run properly. Also mod list is on the technic page.




Server Website: https://villagertechserver.enjin.com/


Server Public Discord: https://discord.gg/xZtHanv



- Traincraft

- Cheapest Railroads

- No Griefing

- Plenty of mods

- Nice Towns

- Vault-tec Vaults

- No Pay 2 Win

- Big Railroad System


Screenshots Of Server Major Builds





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