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Rednet Piston Air lock


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I have been trying to set up an air lock using rednet and pistons instead of Galacticraft air lock because I simply don't like the idea of a door just appearing in an empty space.


The idea is that it would consist of 2 doors and 3 buttons as shown below:

(Button) - <Door1> - (Button) - <Door2> - (Button).

When a button is pressed one door with close instantly and another will open after a short delay, about 2 seconds should be enough to seal the room.


I have played around for quiet a bit with PRC and managed to figure out a way that should theoretically work, but doesn't.


Here is what I did:

Variable 0 - Output: T-FlipFlop Door1

Variable 1 - Output: T-FlipFlop Door2(Inverted)


Button (AND) Door2 - Output: Variable 0

Button (AND) Door2 - Output: Variable 2

Variable 2 - Output: Delay (40), Variable 1


Button (AND) Door1 - Output: Variable 1

Button (AND) Door1 - Output: Variable 3

Variable 3 - Output: Delay (40), Variable 0


I think it gets stuck in some sort of loop, can't figure out why.


Really need help with this one.


Thanks in advance.

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