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Diamond near the surface?


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(I searched the forums regarding this, but couldn't find anything. If you know of a thread regarding this, please just post the URL.)


I recently installed Attack of the B-team and it's working perfectly. However, shortly after loading my first world on it, I went into an opening near the surface and found Diamond Ore, right there, in plain sight, and there was a lot of it (about 8-12 ore). Is this an intentional mod, or is my version bugged? I found it at about Y: 55. If this is intentional, I'd like to suggest it be changed, that's just waaaay too easy.



EDIT: Just found Gold and Redstone not too far off. I really hope this isn't intentional...

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It seems like a really cheaty feature at first, but in mod packs that don't have quarries and advanced sorting for all the extra crap you get out of a quarry, it's really handy to have it so you can get stuck into the mods and reduce your vanilla mining time. 

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