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[1.0.9c] Daily Slayers | Kingston Gaming Community | PvP |60 Slot| Factions | 24/7 | Need Staff!

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Hello gamers of Attack of the B-Team my name is Jake. I created and currently run a new upcoming Attack of the B-Team server. I am the Vice President of Kingston Gaming Community, which has a great deal of experience in hosting servers. The KGC has many dedicated teams in different games, not just in Minecraft. Through this will be the first time the KGC expands into Attack of the B-Team,  we are confident we provide the best services for gamers to enjoy.

[Why us?]

Im sure you heard servers saying they have the best staff and best server.Unlike other servers, our dedication to live up to our claim runs unparalleled. You do not believe us? Ask some of our players yourself. Sure were not the biggest server in the world but our small community actually takes care of our players.  

[special Events]Website Online- http://dailyslayers.enjin.com/

Ip- OR bteam.dailyslayers.com:25571

TeamSpeak 3 Server-

*If the Ip does not work look on website for news.

[server Information]

CPU: Intel Quad Core Xeon E3-1230

Frequency: 3.2 GHz ECC DDR3

RAM Hard Drive: Samsung 843 SSD


- Plugin to fix all broken mods in the modpack

- Hire Staff (Visit the website to apply!)

- More minigames

- More Donator Options (Coming Soon!)



We are always experimenting with new plugins and we are open to suggestions! Here is a preview of what we have so far:

- Auto Broadcaster

- Iconomy

- Adminshop

- Simple Kits

- ServerSigns

- Essentials

- Enjin Minecraft Plugins

- Factions


We are currently looking for staff members in the following category's.

- Plugin Maker (Priority)

- Artist (Priority)

- Website Coders (Priority)

-Server Staff (Priority)



As of today, everything in the store is 50% off! That means that the Emerald Rank(Highest Donation Rank) is now only $30 (used to be $60). This event will end 3/12/2014, so get what you can while it lasts!

[banned Stuff]

We only banned the dubstep guns due to the fact they cause lag. You can use anything else you want!

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