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[2.0.4] Matrix Gaming Server [PVP, RP, Factions][20 slots][Whitelist]

Darth Baum

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Open 24/7


Matrix Gaming was created by a group of people from another game. We have tried a few different mods and server types but found that Voltz was the most popular of the mod packs.


The Voltz server is whitelisted to attempt to cut down the number of Griefers. So to get on the whitelist all you have to do is join the site. Now onto information about the actual server.


Server Staff are:



If you have any questions feel free to message any of the server staff. 



How it is divided up is you will spawn in the United Nation which is the center of the various nations. The various nations are made up of different people and you are free to create your own nation as long as you get some land for yourself. 


Server Map as it stands




Right now the nations stand as follows



Shinari Collective

Zeon Federation

The Dominion

Macht Voll


Independent States of Crawe






The general rule is no griefing however that changes when war is declared between two nations. Then it is fair games. You can ask the United Nations to allow for higher levels of explosives to be allowed. Any questions about the rules of war please check the forums or ask some of the server staff for clarifications. 


For a complete set of rules click below

Community and Chat

1. Show respect to all members of the community.
Punishment: Temporary mute to permanent ban. Case dependent. 
2. Spamming and any malicious behavior towards the community or individuals is forbidden.
Punishment: Temporary to permanent mute. Case dependent.
Role Play
1. No god modding, ect or killing other people's important characters. Characters can only die in specific circumstances where it is said so or if the player decides their character died. Though the status quo is to let unimportant characters/soldiers die when killed during RP conflicts. If an important general is defeated in battle but you don't want them to die, please make it believable.
Punishment: Warnings and angry community members. Admins have right to nullify sections of your god modded RP.
2. Do not meta-game. Meta-gaming is defined as using out of character knowledge to affect in character knowledge. If someone meta-games the action will be reversed.
Punishments: Case dependent.
3. Each player can only have or be in one nation.
Punishments: Removal from all but one nation.
Red Matter explosives/missile
Anti Matter explosives/missile
Rocket Launchers
Power Armor Camouflage
Temporary to Permanent Ban.
Player versus Player
1. Do not spawn-kill. Spawn-Killing is intentionally killing anyone more than once at their spawn location a couple of minutes after they die. If you are attacked under that 2 minute window, you may defend yourself.
Punishments: Temporary Ban
2. With the exception of War*, PvP is limited to skirmishes and raids with non-explosive weaponry. Below are exceptions to this rule:
All grenades
Any missiles/explosives that do not affect terrain
Punishments: Temporary Ban to Permanent Ban
3. No griefing . Griefing is defined as destroying land or structures outside of War*. The only damage allowed to another player's property is that which is done to infiltrate, in compliance with PvP rules 2 and 4.
Punishments: Temporary to Permanent Ban
4. Raids, warfare, ect is only allowed when the opposing side is online. If you are in another person's town, territory ect DO NOT touch anything you do not have permission to touch.
Punishments: Temporary to Permanent Ban
5. Heal commands, flying ect that are gained from donations or activity ranks may NOT be used in combat.
Punishments: Warnings to removal of said commands
1. To use explosives one must declare war. War can only be declared 24 or more hours in advance in the United Nations. In addition the other side must be informed by the other side or an admin INGAME an hour prior before either side can engage the other.  At any other time, logs are kept to keep track of missile launches.
Punishments: Temporary to Permanent Ban
2. PvP rules 1 and 4-5 still apply.
Punishments: Temporary to Permanent Ban
3. Do not violate the missile/explosive limit rules.
Punishments: Temporary to Permanent Ban
Missile/explosive Limits in War
Only T1 explosives can be placed for detonation near structures! Otherwise they must be in missile form!
Unlimted usage in war:
All T1 Explosives
3 Per 24 hours
T2 Fragmentation Missile
Breaching Missile
Cluster Missile
T3 EMP Missile
Ender Missile
1 Per 24 Hours
T2 Sonic Missile
T3 Exothermic Missile
Endothermic Missile
Anti-Gravitational Missile
Hypersonic Missile
Outright Banned
Antimatter Missiles
RedMatter Missiles
Rejuvenation Missiles (on other's land)
Contagious Missiles
U.N. and Admin Approval Required
Cluster Nukes
1. Only 1 Space Station per nation.
Punishment: Removal of your space station
2. No teleporting into or out of pvp.
Punishment: Warnings and/or removal of all tp commands.
3. No /back immediately after pvp.
Punishment: Warnings and/or removal of /back.
4. Staff may not use special commands in normal circumstances. In the case that it is needed, they are. Staff should be able to determine appropriate times.
Punishment: Anywhere from Warnings to Demotions to Bans.
(More to be added.)




Banned Items

Red Matter





Our server attempts to tread the fine line of fun war compared to random griefing. If you are interested in joining just join the site and sign up. I hope to see more people join and we all have a good time.




Its your adventure how will you play? Where will you go? A peaceful nation or a nation at war?





With regards,




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Yeah it is still going on. I noticed you joined the site but I have not seen your post on the white list thread. Which if you are having difficulty locating it here is the url




I am excited for your arrival to the server. Feel free to invite your friends the more the merrier. Something big is about the transpire on the server within the next few weeks. (mah ha ha ha ha ha) 

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  • 2 weeks later...

Map updated.


The world is in an active state of War. Obscurio and Audacia have been launching missiles and bombs at each other. 


Over in the land that used to be Reinheit, Civil War has taken place.


Where will you go and what will you decide? Will join the legions of war for any side you choose? Or will you stand alone and become a new nation in the midst of war and destruction. You decide.

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This is one of the best servers I've played on. It's well thought out and organized and actually has order compared to other servers in which you get greifed by one person then you'll never find them again. The server allows many new opportunity's not present in a plain old greifing server and I recommend it to new players.

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Yes you may join just follow the instructions we placed in the original post of this thread and you can begin your adventure.


Thank you all for your feedback and support and I hope you enjoy your time on our server thank you.

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I think someone neglected to inform this page when the server changed for a bit to Hexxit sometime last spring. Since then it had a small hiatus in the summer before changing ownership.


We are back on Votlz, same map as in this topic with the same storyline, we are in the process of making sure everything is as it should be pluginwise ect ect. We are also adding factions if I can get it to work. Everything should be done by Friday afternoon.


Also the whitelist would of been the same as it always was in the "whitelist and server IP" forum: http://matrixgaming.enjin.com/forum/m/12725591/viewforum/4252579

This topic will be updated shortly (within 24 hours),

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Hi, I'm the current owner of Matrix Gaming (Jason) and need either this thread deleted or somehow a post of mine to be the first in this so I can regularly keep the topic updated. I was going to send a PM to one of the moderator groups but there doesn't seem to be anyway to do that in PM.


If needed I can PM to any mods/admins any info needed to confirm this, or you can catch me on my teamspeak at matrixgaming.enjinvoice.com

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