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Whats your hexxit playstyle?


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method 1: starting out find leather to make a back pack, once you have that raid a tower (at your own risk). collect string to make big backpacks and repeat. build up gear and items to start a sentimental and done.

method 2: starting out find gravel and sand and make a smelter. find iron and make steel, make a steel pick to mine nether ore. make a manyullyn rapier and raid towers and people.

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I build a castle (sort of...) and fill it with loot. Hexxit is such a dangerous place with infernal mobs, even more so after I installed Mo'creatures and customMobSpawners. The last mentioned jumps up the spawn limit of all mobs - hostile and friendly - to ridiculous levels.


I travel short distances and only raid towers within a certain distance from my base. Planning on building a second base further away

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