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I have a server running the newest B-Team (1.0.7a) and I have had an issue since B-Team first came out. I am having lag spikes randomly, not associated to whether there are 10 people on or 30 people on my server. I have noticed that the internet drops too little usage during the spike and the disk usage spikes up greatly. I do know that it is not a hardware issue, have the same issue on two different servers.

What happens when spike:

  • console commands lag
  • Chat lags
  • Blocks lag
  • Internet usage drops to idle usage
  • Disk writing goes to max
  • Sometimes all players will be kicked
  • Sometimes has a tick error

Testing done:

  • Removed all plugins
  • Changed version of mcpc
  • Changed maxpermgen
  • Different servers
  • Map reset


Server info:


Bteam 1.0.7a

MCPC versions 232 through 235

16GB RAM dedicated

256GB SSD dedicated

I7 processor

Windows based OS


If anyone has any ideas on fixing this PLEASE let me know!

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